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TopCare Health Green Unstretched Controlled Compression Bandage 1 ea

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Caution: Contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

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  • 2 in x 90 in (5 cm x 229 cm). 2" roll self-adhesive wrap. Moderate compression. TopCare Controlled Compression Bandage is made with real cotton, and is a self-adhering bandage that is excellent for first aid. Use to secure splints and bandages and support sprains and strains. Additionally, TopCare Controlled Compression Bandage does not stick to hair or skin, is hand-washable and reusable. TopCare Controlled Compression Bandage will maintain a firm grip while you move and sweat and even stays tight when submerged under water. TopCare Controlled Compression Bandage is excellent as a secondary bandage over sterile gauze and for securing sports equipment. For maximum comfort the following bandage widths are recommended: finger or wrist: 1" or 2". ankle, foot or elbow: 2" or 3". Knee or Leg: 3" or 4". Minimum unstretched length 90 in/229 cm.


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Health & Safety

  • Caution: Contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

Usage Instructions
Instructions: Cover the wound with a sterile dressing, then wrap with TopCare Controlled Compression Bandage to hold the dressing in place. Cut with scissors or tear the TopCare Controlled Compression Bandage and gently press into place. TopCare Controlled Compression Bandage is also designed to be used for strains, sprains, splinting and other uses. Adheres even under water.
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Product Country of Origin: Made in the USA. Made in USA.

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